September 27, 2010

New job survival kit: Rachel edition

So I've been meaning to post this project for a while, but somehow I didn't get around to downloading the photos until now. Anyway, several weeks ago my friend Rachel had a party to celebrate her new job and to help her transition to her new position, I made her this handy new job survival kit. I detailed the contents of her kit in her survival kit card and each item had a sticker label with its job.
 The survival kit included the following items:
  • glue stick: to help you stick to it when things get tough
  • lip gloss: to gloss over the undesirable tasks
  • sticky notes: to note all the new part of the job
  • bobby pin: to pin your hair back when things get hairy
  • rubber band: to help you be flexible when you need to be
  • sharpie pen: to permanently record all your sharp ideas
  • paperclips: to hold everything together
  • nail file: to sand away any rough spots
  • advil: to remedy any headaches with the new job
  • extra gum: to help you go the extra step with your stick to it attitude
  • matches: to ignite your bright ideas
  • pencil with eraser: to remind you mistakes can be easily erased
  • a few quarters and dimes in change: to remind you that a bit of change can jump start a career. 
Is the kit a bit cheesy? Sure. However, Rachel loved it and it was a unique and special way to mark the occasion. Plus, it was super affordable to make, as most of the items I found around my house. All told I didn't spend more than $10, which was for the $1 in change, the new lip gloss, sharpie and sticky notes. If you were so inclined, I'm certain you could make substitutions and get the whole kit down to just a couple of dollars. So what do you think? How have you helped friends celebrate new jobs and other exciting transitions?


  1. This is an adorable idea! I'm sure your friend loved it, I know I would have. I'll have to save this idea. Thanks for sharing!

  2. AnonymousJune 12, 2012

    What great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  3. fabulous just what i was looking for.

  4. Yea the Matches make a good idea! If you dont like the new job you can always burn the place down.


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