April 19, 2012

Pursuing parenthood

Baby announcement (left) and baby shower invitation (right)

Hello, there. My apologies for having been quiet since November, but the Economist and I have been quite busy. 

We are having a baby!

Don't worry, it was a surprise to us at first too. We discovered the happy news shortly after returning to D.C. from Camp Mighty and since then things have been a bit of a whirlwind. 

My compromised lungs meant I was instantly a high risk pregnancy. While all of my doctors were optimistic that both the baby and I would be fine, the Economist and I both worried about both the baby and how well my body would fair under the additional stress of growing a tiny human. So as we wrapped our brains around becoming new parents, we kept the news quiet. It gave us time to collect our thoughts, do some research, and figure things out for ourselves before we let everyone in on the new addition to our family.

All the extra doctor's appointments—in addition to a string of chaotic events the Economist and I experienced this winter—meant my posting here was not a priority. Also, it was hard to share much here since most of what I was pursuing were naps and remedies for nausea, neither of which are very amusing.

In February, we finally decided to share the news with close friends and family with a Valentine. As expected, everyone we told has been both delighted for us and totally surprised. Yet, I have still been somewhat guarded in telling people, because part of me still worries about jinxing things. But today, after receiving the invitation to my baby shower, I decided I was ready to open up and spread the word here too.
Me at 25 weeks pregnant wearing a dress I've been rocking since 2003.

After all, July 21st will be here soon. Plus, even though my baby bump is pretty tiny, and I'm a pro at the art of dressing to minimize it, I certainly look pregnant now.

Oh, and in case all the pink hasn't given it away already—we're having a girl!


  1. goddamnit, annie!!!! i am so happy for you, my dear. you, of course, are about the cutest prego. EVER. congratulations, that little girl is lucky to have you as her mother. you'll be so great. xoxoxo!!

  2. Congratulations! I met you guys briefly at Camp Mighty and started following your blog, I wondered why you had stopped updating - best reason ever!!

  3. Annie! I'm so excited!!! Congratulations. (I cannot stop smiling -- this is such fabulous news. Yay!!!)

  4. YAY! So happy for you both. Congrats!!!

  5. That's awesome news! So happy for you guys, you will be the cutest and bestest parents ever, and you are adorable in that picture. If you haven't looked into Hypnobirthing yet, it might help to stay relaxed and calm during labor. I loved it. xo

  6. Congratulations Annie! What wonderful news. You're just ahead of me...we're expecting 8/30! it must have been in the water at Camp Mighty :)

  7. That's fantastic news! I'm so excited for you both and you look amazing!

    I would hug you if I could!


  8. Oh, Annie! I remember talking about future babyhood with you at Camp. I am just so glad for you! You will be great!


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